In no particular order, feast your eyes on what Shakespeare on Draught will be bringing to the stage (or parking lot) in 2019.

H4 1 and 2

henry iv parts i and ii

Up Next on Monday, November 25th!

Henry IV, Parts I and II are the story of Prince Hal and his transformation from party animal into a noble and moral king. Oh, and YES we are doing BOTH on the same night in what is sure to be an epic production.


performed September 16th, 2019

*Groundling’s Choice Selection for 2019!*

After being looked over for a military promotion, a soldier named Iago plots for revenge through the manipulation of love, jealousy, and miscommunication in the life of General Othello, the Moor of Venice.



measure for measure

performed April 23rd, 2019

A nun named Isabella is thrown into turmoil when her brother, Claudio, is sentenced to death by a corrupt judge for a crime he didn’t commit. The judge offers Isabella her brother’s freedom in exchange for her virginity, forcing her to choose: save her brother’s life, or maintain the purity of her body, mind and soul?

LLL image

Love’s labour’s lost

performed February 11th, 2019

The King of Navarre and his three noble companions take an oath not to give in to the company of women; devoting themselves instead to three years of study and fasting. Then, they all fall in love with literally the first women they see. (THIS ONE INCLUDES A PLAY-WITHIN-A-PLAY, one of our all-time favorite Shakespearean devices!)

Comedy of Errors

the comedy of errors

performed July 1st, 2019

Violence. Seduction. Comedy. Errors. False accusations of infidelity, madness, and possession. Two pairs of twins, both separated at birth, set the stage for hijinks of all kinds in Shakespeare’s perfect comedy. Trivia: this is Michael Vine’s favorite Shakespearean play.